Friday, June 28, 2013


"Remotes acquire synchronization and configuration information via SYNC
messages. They can synchronize to the Master (the MODE M unit) or to any
valid Extension (a MODE X unit).
The Master will always transmit SYNC messages. An Extension will only
start sending SYNC messages after synchronization is achieved with its
The ability to synchronize to a given radio is further qualified by the sender’s
Extended Address (XADDR) and by the receiver’s Synchronization Qualifiers
When a primary is specified (XPRI is 0...31), a radio will always attempt to
find the primary first. If 30 seconds elapses and the primary is not found, then
the radio attempts to synchronize with any non-primary radio in the XMAP

I feel like I'm dancing on Pablo Neruda's grave when I read things like this.Oh, but I'm getting paid to read it so THAT MAKES EVERYTHING OK.

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