Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Syria Issues Travel Advisory Warning For United States

The embattled Syrian Department of State, operating from a concrete bunker 50 feet below the war torn city of Damascus, has raised the travel advisory status for The United States to it's highest Warning level, indicating the lack of basic security. The official status change was announced in a press release through one of the two remaining media outlets in the crumbling country.

"The security situation in the country of America, otherwise known as The United States, has deteriorated from questionable to alarming. The cold blooded murder of infants in baby carriages, dismemberment, cannibalism, the prolific random gun violence, the dishonest, secretive, and despotic government, the failing economy and the blatantly pornographic mainstream media has now forced the Syrian State Department to warn any victims of the current Syrian conflict to avoid seeking refuge in America."

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