Thursday, July 5, 2012

Unpopular Science

I'm reading the latest Popular Science magazine, July 2012, and it pretty much confirms everything Thoreau, Schumacher, Great Spirit, Hippies have been saying for 200 years, which is the earth is a delicate balance and we ought not casually fuck with it in the name of streaming video. The magazine is Popular Science, not Mother Earth. How is the Heartland Institute going to spin that to their favor?

Bandit Country

Profiles in conformity
In order to blend in I have tried to find a costume that the locals can accept. They don't sell top of the line palm hats like this at the gas station and you'll have to wait to see me wearing what I call my "Ronald Reagan Pants" which are officially called "Ranch Jeans" made of stretchy polyester and better fitting than denim. With my stooped and shuffling walk it doesn't really make me look any better.

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