Sunday, January 17, 2010

Computer hacked

Some drunk madman hacked into my computer and posted and made comments, ruining my otherwise spotless reputation. pay no attention to anything he said, which is to say keep doing exactly what you usually do.

sexy chickthink

fuck bono
I'm a
fuck the beatles
I'm a poet
goddamn this keyboard
I think everything is fucked up
went ouyt with
a man whose heart was broken
he was fucking a weitic
who was fucking 3 other men
so we had to turn it around
this world isn't perfect
you all with your pathetic lives
quite desperation
I know you

don't question me
keep on sleeping and then the world will end
the granite will tell you tale
no worries
we'll sing a song at your wake
and you will be in a box
later we will lie about how interesting you were
in real life
and your woman will be scanning the crowd for someone else to fuck

and we will drink too much
and make too much noise walking up the stairs
and we will listen to Journey
and dance
and your body will rot
in the ground
but for one moment we will remember you
and that second is yours
in this selfish time
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