Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free Puppies

I spent all night looking for one puppy who had been taken by a red tail hawk.
I go to feed them after watching the Red Sox have Game 3 stolen from them by criminally negligent ump Jim Joyce and only count 8 puppies. I recount. where's #9? There are always 9. They never leave one behind. but only 8 puppies are biting my arthritic toes through my worn slippers. Furthermore; they have moved under a big container. So A hawk or coyote had come during the evening and scooped one up and the others had hid where the hawk could not get them and Oggy is out with a flashlight hunting the snake habitat for puppy bones. but #9 appeared later.
 Please someone take these dogs somewhere safe.

I have a contest to figure out what breeds these dogs are. I think Beagle and Harrier and Siberian Husky and Shepherd are all in the mix.

Also note that a little research tells me I was wrong to feed that dog a plate of cow milk. they drink it but it isn't good for them.
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