Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rochester Fair

I wanted so much to share with you the video of the Rochester Fair but instead I have a picture of Dave grinding down screws in the roof of my van after we installed an escape hatch. I don't know what has meaning anymore. I want to catch leaves as they fall from the trees and dip my feet in a cold pond instead of driving into Portsmouth with the Navy Yard traffic wearing a dust mask too protect my bleeding lungs from the clouds of fiberglass dust now in my van.
It's impossible to do everything. Did I mention that NTB tires managed to fuck my alignment up worse than the mexican dirt roads that pulverized it. I pay for an alignment and get two busted tires and a front wheel camber bad enough to make Jeff Petty moan around the third corner.
I can't remember anything anymore so I will include this video as an explanation to why I am living this way. Hopefully I can refer to it when my memory fails completely.

I wanted to post this video so much that I went back outside and brought the file inside so I could do this though I am hungry and tired and living at the Walmart parking lot. When will there be wifi throughout the world?

Note: The damn freakout ride video was not captured due to my sickness and disorientation when flying sideways and spinning horizontally 50 ft in the air. I failed to capture the video of the chicken man with a sadness deeper than the Mariana Trench. There is one picture that made it. Enjoy!

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