Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fucked By Costa Rica

It´s going to take all my resources to get the fuck out of this mess. Nicaragua kicked me out and Costa Rica has refused me entry. The situation is as grim as the time I was living in the half way house for SSI rejects in Laconia and playing lottery tickets with spare change found between the cracks of my ego. Maybe this will kick start my ambition to run for hobo mayor. I don´t know. But any one who has any solution such as a friend in the Costa Rica embassy will please help me with a letter of recommendation to get back to the beach paradise and let me live in peace. To clarify...Costa Rica gives 90 day visa. Then nicaragua gave me 30 days. Now Costa Rica is telling me that I have used my 90 day maximum. But Nicaragua tells me I have also used my 30 days maximum. So neither country will allow me in and if you check out a map then you will see that leaves me fucked.
please help. send the fucking Marines back to Nicaragua!
gotta go now.
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