Sunday, July 3, 2011

Goose Bay

Eventful days in Goose Bay. Living in the lap of luxury as I await research news on my van dilemma. I'm actually so far away from everything that it would cost me more money to try to get back to NH without my van. So, I'm much better off doing whatever I can do to fix the problem with the shifting. I'm going to hunt for some labradorite rock as I wear my prospecting hat. Rain comes in all sizes here. I've been fighting the mosquitoes and no see-um bugs all week. No bear sightings. There are more moose in Labrador than people.
The trip to Nain will have to wait, I think. $500 to take the trip and sleep on a boat for a week. This is a low budget trip with high concept documentary. I still hesitate to get the interview footage because it's really testing the patience of these kind Canadian people who are off the beaten track. Borat is not known here. I met a Leghorn chicken farmer who hand builds canoes. His response to my wolf quest was indifference. Had I told him I was from the future, a future that is torn apart by climate deterioration and lacks all arctic wolves since their habitat floated south, he might've snapped. Still, that is the concept and I'm trying to work up the courage to interview an Inuit villager. Oh, what to do? Please keep the wolf in your thoughts.

Another Animal That Doesn't Put Dinner on your Table

I can't seem to get close up pics in focus. Damn 2004 digital camera! Maybe I didn't center the toad so the camera doesn't know what I wanted in focus. This is a toad I can't identify.

Muskrat Falls

Three teenagers tried to kayak these falls and only two were found. The third one is probably in the 100ft deep cavern under the falls doing cartwheels in his sleep.

I thought the chicken farmer had followed me...

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