Friday, February 5, 2010


Who said two homeless guys can't do good work?
We had to work our rent off by replacing the flooring in the upstairs bathroom. It had a hole in it for 20 years and suddenly Mary thinks the world will end if we don't fix it in 3 hours. Those nine tiles took us 4 hours. But then she hangs out and bothers us for two hours. Then we have to haggle over what it is worth. What a nightmare! Just imagine that scene with the couch cover and multiply the insanity by 100. Sean did most of the work. I just griped about life...
I wish I'd stayed in bed...

Here's mary's bathroom that I did alone. She kept saying, "What you need to do is..." and I said, "If you know what I need to do then you should do it. Here. Take the scissors. I'm gonna go beat off in my bed."
That shut her up.

Here's Mary's cat, Garfield. No, he doesn't eat lasagna. He's got some kind of hip problem.
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