Monday, March 7, 2011

Wolves Under Attack

My Letter to the corrupt heads of state who are not worth a wolf dropping:
Dear Senator,
The world is shrinking. What was once a boundless mystery of blank areas on parchment maps is now readily viewable on computers through satellite images. Soon, streaming video of the darkest corners of the planet will be available on demand. And with the technological advances western cultures encroach on the habitat of primitive cultures and animal habitats. WE CAN'T HAVE OUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO. There is no way a petroleum dependent culture will accommodate anything but itself. I understand that technology depends on energy and energy is not manufactured by magic elves in the forest, but I also feel mankind has a moral responsibility to accommodate wild animals. For the first time in history entire ecospheres are poised to be destroyed in exchange for technological development. This is not negotiable because the nature of semi-conductor manufacturing is so resource intensive that it can not coexist with natural habitats. By its nature, semi-conductor manufacturing devours whatever life is nearby. The internet is basically built on the bones of unsuspecting and innocent animals like the wolf and the Bison and people like the Huaorani tribe of Ecuador among others. Is any "advancement" or "progress" worth anything when it comes at this price? Can we really benefit from the internet if it required an environmental holocaust? I say, No. An animal that requires the eradication and exploitation of ANY OTHER ANIMAL in pursuit of its goals is by definition a monster. All the political justifications are like farts on the prairie and only further discredit American reasoning abilities. Wolves are merely one of the animals who stand in the way of man's domination and destruction of the planet. These noble animals need neither our domestication nor our advice. They merely need our decency to respect their privacy. The world is not a zoo for mankind to control.
If you can take some time out from fleecing the public coffers to fund your alcoholism then please be a steward of the planet and not a devourer.
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