Friday, March 8, 2013


That's how this Jawa moped is pronounced. Yah-Vah.
It's the first moped to have a transistorized ignition system and the last Jawa I will work on. But it's a piece of history that deserves some respect.
I have current but no spark becacuse something called a Tranzimo unit and a Thyristor and 4 v high tension coil have been swapped around 5 different kinds of Jawa mopeds when the decaying remains of eastern Europe tried to keep up with Italy and chaos reigned.
Inadvertently, this project has led to a line of customers out the door waiting for me to fix their motorcycles since I'm doing the work at an auto garage and there is only one motorcycle mechanic in town who seems to have pissed off a bunch of people with his "take the money and wait" attitude. But I don't really want to spend 8 hours working on Honda Shadows and ATVs and "can you figure out why my $30,000 Harley won't run?"
fortunately my lack of tools limits any project I can get involved with.

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