Thursday, May 21, 2015

Screenshot Trivia #7

Vintage 1986 cinematography; shoot everything at night so no one can tell it's a soundstage
This was a pivotal film in my cinematic development. The key to these lower budget flicks is to make an attempt to rise above the puerile material and get goofy when the timing requires it. It's a revolving door of sequences involving, goofy acting, sex, generic stunts, heroic character arcs. Simple, but don't forget to be unmistakably goofy.

Any Guesses?

Hint: This is one of the few movies to have a character named Oggie, pronounced exactly how my blog name is pronounced. Very portentous. Also, this movie was about as low class/budget ($2.7 million) as would be made in 1986 and it's simply far superior to a $200 million dollar Fast and Furious flick which is technically superior but lacks greatly in the mystique department.
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