Friday, April 26, 2013

One more paycheck...

This is the legend I've been chasing for 5 years


All that was required for me to be a good employee was the financial security to pay no attention to any politics or threat of being fired and simply attempt to dedicate my complete will power and skill set to the company, regardless of what people think. Previously, my need to bite my tongue at the idiocy of management was basically because I couldn't afford to lose the job. Now that I'm in the golden hours of single paychecks that eclipse whole years in the past if I see something that irks me then I attempt to fix it. I don't care who is to blame and I don't care if I'm fired or not. All that matters is that I create the company that I want to stay employed by.
There's a socialist reform lesson somewhere in there but I'm not in the mood to explain it. Gotta take a dump and a shower and go get some rotisserie chicken at Stripes. And there's a Portlandia marathon later today. No complaints here. That J Carruthers guitar is almost within reach.

People say the test question to be an employee here is, "How do you build a table if they give you a hammer and no nails?"
I have heard many replies. What is yours?
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