Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In Defense of Same-Sex Marriage

Oral Arguments on the constitutionality of Same-Sex marriage begin soon and since I have previous engagements I will submit my arguments in the form of an essay:

Documented, 'official', marriage has not, as Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy would have you believe, "been with us for millennia". That's complete hyperbole and is conspicuous as it supports a twisted conclusion of designed inaction. There's NEVER been a time where documented marriage entitles people to so many privileges and benefits and freedoms known as civil rights. Marriage has been intentionally reduced to official paperwork comparable to registering for gifts at The Pottery Barn, by the very people who claim to be 'protecting' it's purity. Marriage has become the Santa Claus of religious ceremonies; you have to be good or the magic elves won't give you presents. If you want to talk about millennia then you'll enter a time period that predates anything but pagan rituals of fertility, so this 'historical tradition precedent' is a gross way for Kennedy to side-step recognizing how bureaucratic modern life has become. Shit, a mere 700 years ago English Barons could legally rape any Scottish bride on her wedding night. But Kennedy will stick his head in the sand of 1000 years ago to pretend nothing has changed.Well, things have changed, mainly the man-made link between marriage and civil rights that is very recent and was ignorantly designed by religious bigots. If anything, the institution of marriage should be abolished as it has been usurped by a Capitalist economic model. At the very least it should be defined as any form of human union people might design. See, it's not a divine union, because that would be the belief of a delusional person, it's man-made and can be altered like anything that is man-made. A giant shipping canal is being planned through the southern part of Nicaragua. YOU THINK MARRIAGE IS UNALTERABLE? If you believe in divinity then you have no place in political spheres because you've opted for a mystical viewpoint of life. Furthermore, if your God is so powerful then surely you can acquiesce to His post-mortem system of punishment and rewards and you can go back to burning premium goat fat and incense to please the ghost of Moses.

My main argument is that official Marriage was never sacred so it can not be less pure than it is today. It's as man-made as the designated hitter rule, and can be altered radically with no hesitation or damage. As the Pope said, marriage and abortion are tiny footnotes in the sacred world that have been magnified by the deceitful to claim leadership of religious sects. They are irrelevant to all except the hall of official records who keep track of tax status, yet as civil rights connected to marriage have expanded, with no Supreme Court intervention, the prevailing umbrella of marriage has remained the same. How is it that tax status was connected to marriage without a national debate? Was this not an equally abominable attack on the sanctity of marriage? Yes, it was, but it served the atheist Milton Friedman's economic model so was permitted with no debate. Since civil unions have not kept pace with the civic pleasures provided by marriage then a continued discrimination of persons wishing to claim their freedoms through marriage would be a violation of another non-divine document The Constitution. God did not bequeath inalienable rights on anyone because God is a spiritual hallucination created by clever fearful monkeys to justify their irrelevant existence. But that doesn't sound very inspiring so the original separatists in 1776 wrote something like, "blah blah blah...endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness...blah blah blah." 

If the creator had endowed this hairless ape species with unalienable Rights, don't you think He would've written them out ahead of time? Well, God didn't write down anything, so men wrote them down and men can USE A FUCKING ERASER FROM TIME TO TIME, and change the words he wrote. God hasn't interfered yet, so he probably won't start now. There's an old saying attributed to Mark Twain, "If God had meant for us to be naked we would've been born that way." I think the lesson to take from that quip is that whatever miracle happens before birth, ends with birth, and if you don't put some man-made clothes on quickly then you'll die of exposure. A larger point is that God indeed abandons all human affairs immediately upon your first breath. If it comforts you to believe angels watch over you, then go ahead, but linking state marriage to legal rights is a move that must apply to all conceivable marriages. If marriage was a purely private affair, as it was originally, then this wouldn't be an issue. When marriage status became a label the Government, Schools, IRS, Military, Insurance, Hospitals, Lawyers all require information about for certain rights, then that's when it becomes an issue.

It's really a matter of how delusional are our Supreme Court Judges? Do they believe in the divinity of Marriage, which is nothing more than a Druid cult ritual with some modern blood tests and tax documents attached, or do they believe in Men deciding their own destiny like clever adult monkeys hurtling through space?

There's a greater debate here that perhaps the belief in the divine is what separates us from apes, and I can't find much fault with that. It's not that we are actually divine, but the delusional belief in divinity is enough to separate us from apes. And if that delusion includes a strict definition of marriage based on narrow-minded mystic traditionalism, then changing it, or recognizing the Sun doesn't revolve around the Earth, would cause too much distress to the delusional beliefs. So, it's really a question of if we prefer to be discriminatory, delusional mystical purists, determined to obey manufactured myths from our blighted past, or if we wish to determine our own future from each day to the next. It's an important choice and luckily we have a bunch of clear-thinking men and women dressed as Druids in black robes living in a stone temple to make it for us.
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