Friday, December 19, 2008

in the future...

serial killers will be hunted by the government to be forced into service as mercenaries. This ultimately creates a crown jewel of mercenaries, "The Death Squad". These serial killers have found their zen together. They are an all star team of killers. Then the bureau of justice decides they are too strong and too good. They must be eliminated. So another crack squad of killers is assigned to kill them under the guise of a separate assignment of attacking a country of drug lords. First the death squad gets the idea that the other squad is going to try to kill them so they pretend to be dumb at first then get the drug lords to team up on them. The best of the second squad is spared so the three teams can team up against the department of justice. IT WAS ALL PLANNED BY THE DEATH SQUAD from the beginning. The Final confrontation decides the fate of humanity.

"I feel like a Tutsi in Hutu-ville"
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