Friday, October 15, 2010

Chilean Miners are Free. Oggy contines to be trapped.

Thoreau lived in a time of slavery and he liked to say that slavery was bad but it was worse to be your own slavemaster. I think people connect with the Chilean mining disaster/rescue because we all basically grind away our lives in our own private copper mines and to see the relief of those men when they were rescued makes us believe that one day we too will be saved. Maybe that is what God means to us...the long pipeline from our hell into a bright heaven.

I continue to be disillusioned by life. I don't understand what any of this mad dash for copper or Ikea furniture of Dr. Suess boxer shorts means. Attitude will carry a man over many waves. But does that contradict the importance of the waves? And what is the point of raising children to consume and produce? What goal are we pursuing? I'd like to play more and better guitar. It's something that has instant results and your playing will reflect your work. But each day at the mine has me praying that someone else will rescue me in a steel tube with a J. Carruthers guitar.

I am committed to going to Labrador as soon as the van is fit to drive there. No more excuses. This is a trip that is easy to avoid and for that reason only the hardiest souls make it there. You have to be driven or drive yourself, be your own navigator and patron. Make the trip. The arctic wolf is threatened and my goal is to learn more about this animal while there is still a chance.
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