Monday, June 25, 2012

Recipe: Bake Oggy at 104 Degrees for 4 minutes or until crispy in middle

Weather for Austin, TX

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My brain is pudding...I'm starting to sound like I live in Austin.
I missed out on a $8000/month clinical trial. Bummer but maybe it's for the best. No career as a human lab rat.

Austin Energy owns more than 2,600 MW of total generation and operates three natural gas powered plants in the Austin area. We are also part owners of two power plants outside Austin, one powered by coal, the other by nuclear fuel.
Decker Creek Power Station
Constructed: 1967-78
Location: Northeast Austin
Fuel: Natural gas, fuel oil as an
Output: 926 MW

Sand Hill Energy Center
Constructed: 2001-2004
Location: Dell Valle, Texas
Fuel: Natural gas, combined cycle
Output: 480 MW

Fayette Power Project
Constructed: 1979-1980
Location: La Grange, Texas
Fuel: Coal
Output: 600 MW
Co-owned with the Lower Colorado River Authority

South Texas Project
Constructed: 1988-89
Location: Bay City, Texas
Fuel: Nuclear
Output: 400 MW
Co-owner of 16 percent of two 1250 MW units

Renewable Energy
Source: Wind farms
Location: West Texas
Output: 439 MW
Source: Methane from landfills
Location: Austin, San Antonio
Output: 13 MW

Orgonite Brings Rain

1969 Ford Econoline and 1974 Vespa Ciao
I feel that my moped is bound to be stolen. Everyone and their kid is asking if they can buy it. I really think they are projecting their daily grind misery onto me and see my hair flying in the wind with my guitar dangling from my toes and want a piece of the "freedom" they believe I have. They don't actually understand what it means to ride a 38 year old hard tail 2 stroke moped down a city street. But they see my sandals and Orgonite rain conductor necklace that Dowin sold me to attract good chi to Austin, and think they can have this image for a few hundred dollars .Of course that won't happen so I grin and tell them it isn't for sale. They are envious of their own imagination.

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