Monday, June 25, 2012

Orgonite Brings Rain

1969 Ford Econoline and 1974 Vespa Ciao
I feel that my moped is bound to be stolen. Everyone and their kid is asking if they can buy it. I really think they are projecting their daily grind misery onto me and see my hair flying in the wind with my guitar dangling from my toes and want a piece of the "freedom" they believe I have. They don't actually understand what it means to ride a 38 year old hard tail 2 stroke moped down a city street. But they see my sandals and Orgonite rain conductor necklace that Dowin sold me to attract good chi to Austin, and think they can have this image for a few hundred dollars .Of course that won't happen so I grin and tell them it isn't for sale. They are envious of their own imagination.

Here's a VIDEO of Dowin and his rap. I asked him to tell me more about Orgonite and he talked so fast I couldn't understand him. So I said, "Now, slowly, because I'm slow, what is this basically." (I was holding two huge chunks of copper wrapped Orgonite in my hands per Dowin's instructions) and he said, "Orgonitebringshealthychi" and he said it so fast and fluently that at first I thought he was speaking gibberish, like speaking in tongues, channeling the Egyptian Sun God. And I asked him to repeat himself. "Orgonitebringshealthychi." He smiled and held his hands together in a universal symbol of prayer. Again, I was baffled and thought he was either insane or I was losing my mind. Is there not one mentally stable person in all of Austin? The food not bombs free meal was packing up but I wanted to get to the bottom of it. "Orgonite Brings Healthy Chi"
Ah! Now we're getting somewhere.

Copper Wrapped Orgonite that helped me sleep right through my van getting tagged

I typed this graffiti into Google translate and it says: Don't sleep here!


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Oggy Bleacher said...

Yeah, this theory really tests my scientific method.

Dowin: You know that hail storm in Dallas?

Oggy: Yeah?

Dowin: I caused it.

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