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"I don't even know what it means to be self-loathing," said Robert in response to the remark someone in the crowd tossed out. "I know what you think it should mean, that I'm ashamed of my own behavior so I transfer my own shame into an attack on others, who are really a substitute for myself, like I'm too much of a coward to commit suicide, so I punish others, while subconsciously punishing myself. Is that what you're talking about? Help me out here."

The handful of spectators grumbled to one another but made no clear confirmation or denial of Robert's convoluted summary.

Robert's latest hunger strike was outside Seaside Books which was casually selling copies of the Bestseller Money in Minutes written by a real estate loan agent/anti-christ. The implied argument Robert stressed was that while freedom of speech and press were noble and worthwhile ideals, they did not require a bookstore to sell anything, and since carrying an item like Money in Minutes or its close relative Mein Kampf, the bookstore was approving of the content by making it available for sale. This was a delicate and controversial position so Robert had arranged for daily "conversations" to inform the public of the specific nature of his concerns and to clarify the dangers of confusing freedom with obligation. He disliked being labeled a censor so his current conversation was titled "Discrimination is not censorship." The author of the real estate book was free to sell it on the street like Larry did with Needles in My Arm: A True Story of Psychiatric Butchers In America (which was conspicuously absent from the Seaside Books shelves). These particulars had hardly been broached when someone had shouted out that Robert should "get a job" and stop being "a self-loathing son of a bitch."

Robert shrugged at the silence before clarifying, "Or do you mean that I secretly loath myself but suppress my loathing and target innocent businesses as a way to vent my frustration? Because I don't know what that means. I'm not self-loathing. This business chooses to sell a book that openly describes usury tactics

Kinky Fetishes Rules #12

(Months ago I was going to post this example of "found poetry" but for some reason I backed out at the last second. I've removed the thread link because if these things interest you then you probably don't need more sites to visit> I wanted to write a song paying tribute to these kinky fetish rules. Or something. Maybe I'm the only one who is amused by the formality of how these rules are laid out in A,B,C sub sections. Is it a symptom of borderline personality disorder to be very amused by the first rule in the A section. I can almost hear the person writing it thinking to himself "How can it go in the Cum Swallow thread if the cum remains on the woman's face? She's clearly not swallowing it...so the category is completely wrong. When will these idiots learn?" 

Anyway...I guess I'm ok with posting it now. It was always amusing but now I don't care if no one else finds it amusing. Part of my concern was that these words on my blog will cause hundreds of internet surfers to click on this page because of the text, but it's misleading because this is only demonstrating my amusement with the text. Just imagine what the previous 11 rules were. On a side note I visited a humorous site and it made me want to illustrate this particular rule. And to prove I can sell out too I designed a t-shirt for sale on Zazzle. I get $2 if someone buys that.
Kinky Rules #12.A
Kinky Rules #12.A by Wearable_Oggy
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Kinky Fetishes Rules #12. Concerning all Kinky Fetishes section community threads, including:

Cum Swallow Mega Thread
Jerkoff Instruction / Encouragement vids
Humiliation Megathread

  1. Post only videos appropriate to each thread.
    - Bukkake does not belong in Cum Swallow thread.
    - Humiliation content does not belong in Jerkoff Instruction thread
    - Jerkoff instruction content does not belong in the Humiliation thread.

    I honestly think I could write many posts using this kind of stuff as material
    - Jerkoff encouragement / instruction audio must accompany videos posted in the Jerkoff Instruction thread.
    - Humiliation / insulting audio must accompany videos posted in the Humiliation Megathread.
  2. Do not post the same video in a community thread and your personal thread.
  3. Junior Members do not have permission to post in other member's Kinky Fetishes section threads, including community threads.
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