Monday, January 12, 2015

Ponderous Essay on Conservative Thought Part II

In my last essay on Conservative thought I meandered around the topic of Race. My conclusion is that Race is a peripheral topic and is important only as it related to other topics. Conservatives are not Racist. They may say Blacks are "A failed ape species" or "Kill all Niggers," but I maintain these are merely extreme statements from a misinterpretation of facts. For instance, a Black person robs a bank. The Conservative conclusion is that all Black people are poised to rob banks, and so they must be stopped as a defensive strike, or at least a defense must be prepared. This is extremist and fatalistic and conceivable only in the 4th Reich, but it's not racist because it's a distortion of facts, not a confirmation of facts. 
This could easily be someone writing this to intentionally misrepresent Conservatives

"A often equals B, B sometimes equals C, and C infrequently equals Z, so let's plan for Z because A is a reality." 

I will resist the critical urge because that's not my goal here. I only want to reveal the actual source of debate.
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