Thursday, October 20, 2011

tranny pics

This is petty stuff. IT was a non-stop tranny fest to get the van running again. I'm not convinced the band will last but so far it's running like I remember it should. New oil and filter. New tranny fluid. new modulator. exhaust clamp fixed the exhaust leak. I found this alien species living in my transmission. Looks like a cousin of the thrombolites.
Then back to portsmouth for the interview that proved any asshole can get state department contracts to scan paper. These idiots couldn't find their own balls with a map and they are in charge of all visa documents being scanned. hahaha. It would be funny if tax dollars weren't being spent to buy their food. Can't do any job? Work for the government. I will probably fail the FBI clearance check because I left the country recently. Boo Hoo I don't get a minimum wage job processing paper. Makes no difference. Skills are all that matter and this company is only skilled at getting frivolous contracts. So is that good or bad? I can't tell in a vapid world of state depatments throwing money at vague corporate buffoons. Are they trying to waste money? It seems so but it won't be wasted on me. I prefer to work for people with more skills than the ability to smile and act knowledgeable.
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