Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Send You Flowers

New Song to learn for the Central American Tour

Dryer Installation was Easy Compared to Dog

It took some real determination to get this 29'' washer through a 27'' wide cement door frame. Thanks to whoever invented the smartphone so we could access the exploded diagram and disassembly instructions in the freezing cold.
This dog looks and sounds like it has been beaten and abused its whole life but the contrary has been true. However; it may be that like spoiled children who narcissistically look back at their parents, Buster thinks he has been abused and neglected. And if that's the truth then it does not matter what the parents think they have done for the dog. They have abused and neglected the dog in the eyes of the dog. This might correspond to the selfish 40 year old child regressing to his childhood and blaming his well meaning parents for abuse and neglect. Was he neglected? Maybe not in the eyes of the parents but in his own mind he was and that develops the shame-filled eyes, fearful and untrusting, whining about the chocolate cakes he never had and the fame and fortune that was never realized. If Buster had a blog it would be called "Dog in A Van".
 I should point out that the longer he whines and bitches (hours on end), the more I want to abuse and neglect him, which fulfills his own prophecy. Interesting...


This is how I feel sometimes.*
whine [ wīn ]   Audio player

  1. complain peevishly: to complain in an unreasonable, repeated, or irritating way
  2. make high sorrowful sound: to cry, moan, or plead with a long, plaintive, high-pitched sound
  3. utter something in whining voice: to say something in a plaintive high-pitched voice

*This dog is named Buster and whines no matter what you do. I just took him for a walk and fed him and gave him duck and cherry dog treats that are more than most Haitians eat in a year. I'm convinced Buster has mental problems, fear of abandonment issues, lacks trust, like me.  What do you think about buster?

More Lobster Blues

2012 is here. I started 2011 in St. Louis and heard the call of the wild from Central America and also Labrador. Labrador won, as  I lurched north in May to save the Arctic Wolf. The footage I gathered for my documentary is trapped on the tapes because my camera broke but one of my goals for 2012 is to get a new camera to complete the wolf video or at least get the footage onto a computer so I can watch myself fix the van in the middle of the wilderness. I also want to start composing backing tracks for my jazz studies. And that involves buying some cool software and also upgrading my guitar to a J. Carruthers custom axe I've been dreaming about for 3 years. I'm ready for it. Or even if I'm not ready, I don't care. Actually, I've got my eye on a bass guitar too because I always liked playing bass and want to explore solo bass folk music. I want to read poetry while playing funky bass guitar and wear berets and talk out of the side of my mouth. I want to say, "Don't touch my bass guitar, Jack!" You carry a bass guitar and you get work. Every asshole can play electric guitar. But the bassist gets the pussy.
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