Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mcdonalds Nightmare

Really? If you eat at McDonalds you are forced to watch Fox News marathon of Murdoch-Think garbage while throwing junk in your mouth? Wow. We are so mentally crippled.  When I mysteriously vanish from this country I want you all to go to McDonalds and eat for one hour...your colon will spasm and your brain will convulse...then there will be no mystery. FUCKING DOOMED is the kind of civilization that allows this. There are limits to the disgusting poison that should be freely dispersed. I think the ACLU is going to be the cause of a total flood of conservative legislation that will be ten times worse than the minor censorship that would've taken place had they just stayed out of it. They protected Hustler and in return we got Fox News that is complete propaganda. I would rather be treated like a criminal because I bought a magazine with naked women and know that my country understands the danger of force-feeding total trash in the form of News. But now I have both and we aren't better for it. We aren't freedom loving. We aren't progressive. We're docile mental retards who are steadily losing our instinct for self preservation.
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