Saturday, June 9, 2012

Petition to End Gossip Mags


I am so repulsed that supermarkets still allow these magazines to be sold directly in the checkout aisle. I started this petition because I know people will rise up and help the cause. hahaha. I'm also thinking of ways to sabotage the gossip mag racks. Any ideas? All you facebook addicts could promote the petition and actually do something useful but that would mean beings something other than a disgusting pawn for Rupert Murdoch.

Water Salvation

Get used to this picture

Since we've entered possibly the hottest summer since pre-history water will become more precious. No more swimming pools and green lawns in the desert. The golf courses will remain because lawyers and investment bankers selfishly consider themselves beyond reproach but everything else will whither and die.
I have a third option which is to piss and shit in the dirt.

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