Saturday, June 9, 2012

Petition to End Gossip Mags


I am so repulsed that supermarkets still allow these magazines to be sold directly in the checkout aisle. I started this petition because I know people will rise up and help the cause. hahaha. I'm also thinking of ways to sabotage the gossip mag racks. Any ideas? All you facebook addicts could promote the petition and actually do something useful but that would mean beings something other than a disgusting pawn for Rupert Murdoch.

"We the undersigned feel the ubiquitous gossip/celebrity/lifestyle magazines should NOT be located in the checkout aisle of supermarkets because they contain nothing but prurient and frivolous information that is at best useless, and at worst a shameless attempt to manipulate and normalize advertising images of men and women.

The relationship habits of celebrities should not be common knowledge.

Body image essays and beauty tips should not be in plain view of 3rd graders following their parents around a market.

The checkout aisle should not be a place to inflict gossip on shoppers.

Prurient material found in Cosmopolitan and US ought to be placed with other reading material of that nature like Hustler and Barely Legal and Legs.

Placing grotesque and lurid pictures at the checkout aisle is an act of violence against young people because they are not equipped to filter out the illicit obscenities found in those magazines.

We the undersigned want those magazines eliminated from the checkout aisle and preferably placed in an adult section of the supermarket separated by red velvet curtains where adults and supervised children can browse to their hearts content."

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