Saturday, June 9, 2012

Water Salvation

Get used to this picture

Since we've entered possibly the hottest summer since pre-history water will become more precious. No more swimming pools and green lawns in the desert. The golf courses will remain because lawyers and investment bankers selfishly consider themselves beyond reproach but everything else will whither and die.
I have a third option which is to piss and shit in the dirt.

Velcro Screen

This screen over my escape hatch is all that is keeping the Grackles and Mosquitoes out of my van. So I finally got around to trimming the screen and frame with velcro and using silicone caulk to secure it. The problem is that in constant 115 degree temperatures the silicone softens and the velcro comes off the screen. But when the van is 115 degrees and the police bash on the side of the door to awaken my broken knees and splitting neck ache Oggy Body then I really don't care if there's a nest of Grackles and Mosquitoes flying in circles around my face.
I think the permanent solution is to build a solid frame for the screen that I then fasten to the frame of the hatch. But that will happen just in time for the next Ice Age. The good news is that I don't need to cook anything anymore because it is already roasting.

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