Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not as bad as the Gulf, but...

The apartment is starting to look like my old house in Venice, complete with greasy pans, ants, soupy bananas, dirty clothes, and broken dreams.


I'm going to put on my marketing hat on now and bombard you with opportunities to buy things. Is there some irony in riding a 1974 Vespa Ciao moped and writing ads for 2002 Mercedes-Benz convertibles? I'm saving up to buy a 1975 moped. Each ad earns me $1 and moves me one seat further away from Thoreau at the great vegetarian buffet table in the sky.

SMART CAR FOR A SMART DRIVER. Push button customized settings put you in control of this Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz SL 500. The retractable hard top converts this classy black/gray sedan into a sporty ride. Navigation system guarantees you arrive on time and the luxurious black leather interior puts you in the seat of style. Musically equipped with 8 speakers, a remote 6 cd changer and an in-dash single cd player. Contact XYZ Used Cars today!

COWBOY UP! Stand out in a crowd with this brilliant blue and tan BMW 325Ci convertible. Memorized seat and mirror settings for 3 drivers plus a navigation system. Rich with features such as rearview camera and privacy glass. Contrasting beige interior puts you in the lap of luxury. Advanced stability control and driveline traction control make this a classy car from top to bottom. Call or email Dallas Used Cars for a test drive.

SUNSHINE ON WHEELS. This sleek whistler silver metallic Mercedes-Benz C320 sedan will never leave you out in the heat. Safety and comfort come first with air conditioning to keep you cool on those humid summer afternoons and safety air bags all around the peaceful gray interior. Navigation system, moon roof, cruise control and other features make this a practical and dynamic choice. Contact Florida Used Cars for a test drive.
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