Saturday, November 8, 2014

Conservative Madman Claims Guns Are Only Dangerous Once They Are Stolen

After leaning on the tired "Guns don't kill people, people kill people," rhetoric for decades one conservative pundit suddenly became a babbling bleeding-heart liberal after California passed Prop 47 in the recent election. The proposition, which Conservative Newt Gingrich supports and Democrat Diane Feinstein opposes, reduces certain "non-serious and non-violent felonies" to misdemeanors and provides provisions for re-sentencing those in prison for the now reduced felonies.

This proposition is the desperate attempt by California to face reality. It spends more than $62,000 a year for every one of the 136,000 prisoners, (total=$8,432,000,000 making CA license plates the most expensive pieces of numbered tin in history) but only $9,200 for every K-12 student.* The Bear Flag state has built 22 prisons in the last 30 years and only one public university.** It's fiscal managers must live in a constant drug induced stupor if they think investing in prisoner comforts is going to pay off but Nixon and Reagan and Bush Sr. had the brilliant strategy of saying, "We'll build more prisons." during the 80s. True to their word, they built more prisons and watched in horror as the prisons were filled faster than seats at a monster truck show.


Once Upon A Time
There are so many good pictures of Cholula on the internet that actually visiting the place in person was sort of anticlimactic. The Instagram-doctored pictures are actually better than my own eyes. They are like movie spoilers for the brain. This is the danger of researching places before traveling. I love being unaware, like walking into that Franciscan Monastery in Huaquechula. I'd never heard of it or seen a picture. It was my own discovery. I only went there for the Dia De Los Muertos activities. Cholula is famous for the biggest pyramid in the New World and I felt like the Pakistani trinket salesmen had occupied it long before me.

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