Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Awesomeness in The Yukon

I knew there was someone more ambitious than me.

"Cud Eastbound" is living in a van heated by wood and surrounded by plastic and straw bales in The Yukon Territory, Land of The Midnight Sun.

Well, there ain't no sun this time of year and you really don't know cold until you get into the -40F area. It carries the penalty of death and you can taste your last breath on your lips. Your pants will freeze and crack if you sweat while wearing them. Your eyelids freeze closed. Cud seems to have a computer in there and he already knows of the moisture from your breath that begins to collect on the outside of the computer when the temps drop. Oh yes. But he can't see the moisture collecting on the circuit board inside the computer. Nor can he see the moisture collecting in the wire trays for the Van's wire harness that will eventually lead to an electrical fire unless he disconnected the battery. I learned all this the hard way; one must seal the heat inside, but that also seals the moisture...and leads to problems. It's very interesting and I'm a little puzzled how he's able to blog about the process from that location but I guess wifi internet is ubiquitous. Great stuff.

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