Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home by the sea

This $20,000 mobile home is still available in Hampton, right near the military sub contractor electronics shop that I applied at. Here is the shed where I would keep my motorcycle. I've imagined building a ramp so I can park a motorcycle inside the house since there is no garage. I'll just convert a room in the house into a garage. Get some double wide doors and drive in and out of the house on a ramp. Is that ghetto enough? The bike would have to be a Harley but I prefer Hondas. I don't know if this dream will come true but I wanted to share it.

I'd love to fill the place with instruments and even rent out a bedroom. But without a steady income I can't really pay for it. sigh $21,000 2 Beds 1 Baths 840 Sq.Ft.
142 Codfish Corner
But the 840 square feet don't include the shed and the yard and the rooftop balcony I'll build.
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