Sunday, February 23, 2014

Drum Brakes

only the bottom of a swimming pool would make a more uncomfortable work space

I do not blame the drum brakes for my troubles. I actually like drum brakes and the springs and levers and "self adjusting" cable hardware. It's awesome when it works and gives me less trouble than disc brakes. The trouble is working with bleeding knees on a sharp rock landscape. And then having auto parts places send almost the right parts. Maybe they worked for 1973 Mustangs so they might work for a '69 Econoline. And then the newly manufactured parts have problems. And then there are problems with reassembly. Otherwise, the work is actually as easy as it gets.
no hint of the frustration and agony involved in this assembly.
I want to buy a garage so I can work on this van properly because now I have the resources to completely renew everything.
I didn't think it would last this long

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