Thursday, September 29, 2016

Preparing for Armageddon

suspension training
I know that my daily Law Enforcement assaults will require stamina and strength so I made some suspension straps to exercise and harden my muscles so they can take the abuse. It irks me that I could go to the most impoverished mud hut village in Nicaragua and be guaranteed a public gym for $1 a day visits where many people exercise and immediately I see that America is filled with Obese Whatafuckingburger addicts in spandex waddling back and forth to overpriced fitness centers that cost $24 minimum to take a shit. So I must adapt and make one more aspect of my life public so people can point and say, "look at the hippie dancing like a crazed monkey dangling from straps off his chreepy van. Let's call in a bomb threat so the police will give him shit and maybe execute him in his underwear in the parking lot. hahaha" I will make a whole tutorial video on how to live in a van and shit in a bucket and exercise with straps and shower nude in parks without being convicted of a sex crime. And I will post this video to the internet and maybe make a penny every time someone watches it and clicks on a 'like' button because I want to be as vain as possible.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rocky Road

The road less traveled.

Person Of Interest

Fucking ponderous. I feel I caused this latest shit storm of law enforcement assault by simply brewing my resentment all day yesterday. I kept trying to write my own obituary to use after I am executed by a Sheriff and it was so damn disappointing that I was going to be executed by a state employee before any charges were filed. Fucking ponderous. And I started to think that there are 30 states (Texas isn't one of them) where the death penalty has been abolished, which means you can slaughter a family of 5, take video of it, post the video on the internet or even live-stream the slaughter, and you will get Life in prison. But if you are suspected of waving a cell phone at the police then they execute you on the street without charges files, without lawyer, without a trial, no judge, no jury, nothing. Shot dead in the street on suspicion. But if you live-stream yourself killing your family then they give you Life in prison. This makes no fucking sense at all but it's a tangent to my topic today that has me fucking slapping my jowls in frustration.
Headline: Hippie arrives in town, bomb threat follows, hippie leaves town.

I'm on the run basically night and day in an attempt to remain legal in the eyes of the Law. Incredible amount of hoop navigation to legitimize myself only confirming that America has become a land of complete generic citizen-hood where pre-paid ethics and auto-flush mentality has deep roots. I'll never survive these encounters with police. Fine, fuck it, I can't win, there is obviously a campaign to cull non-compliant mentally ill citizens or poor or undesirable homeless vagrants. Fucked up, but ignorance and disdain and indifference has generated a culture of pure hate that I see as poised to boil over very soon. Fuck it. You reap what you sew.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Welcome to the U.S. - Now Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them

Fucking not on U.S. soil for even 24 hours and I already have my face in the fucking mud at a car wash where I went to hose the van down and a Deputy Sheriff rolls up on me like he caught a hundred Nicaraguan refugees smuggling cocaine. And I've got my face in a puddle in the rain trying to explain that I have all the paperwork in the van and if he would remove his knee from my spinal column then I could explain everything. Fucking not even 24 hours and I was already had my colon massaged and my cartilage removed and my ego hijacked. Man, this fucking life in a van is not even remotely possible if I am being molested and arrested every few hours by trigger happy deputy sheriffs trying to make full deputy by executing a hippie. Fuck, this pisses me off to no end and reminds me why I went to Mexico in the first place where I may have been robbed by theiving huecos de mierda Federales, but at least they did not do so with the fuckwad arrogance of the cunt sheriffs who push and push and push and must get on their knees at night praying for a hippie to make a wrong move. I've said it before, that the only reason I don't end up dead on the side of the road is because I defuse the situation with the correct secret password. They want to kill me. They are itching to kill me. The sheriffs and small town cops of America will turn me into a raving homeless lunatic in short order and it is so easy to dismiss a lunatic who is bleeding from 17 bullet holes on his face because he was reaching for a banana peel. The feeling is not hate, it is merely helplessness and powerlessness. The sheriffs simply want to execute me and are looking for an excuse and my job is to defuse the situation to avoid being executed. It sounds insane but that's my conclusion. Not even in the States one fucking day and these bitches with badges have to turn me into a hateful radicalized asshole. I just have no use for arrogant pieces of shit with badges and state owned trucks flexing their muscles with flabby store-bought ethics and I have no use for people who bow to them. America is full of use-car salesmen tipping their hats with false smiles. False, fucked up, poisoned, fake, bullshit. I got no use for it except to exploit it for phony wealth and to get the fuck out. I wonder how anyone could tolerate it but I know it's merely ignorance, sheep munching their cud in green pastures, dismissing the raging inferno that devours their neighbors because it doesn't burn their precious hard drive cache of old Sit com episodes. total bullshit, devoid of life. Drones in a fucking police state bumbling and fumbling their way to a well-deserved grave. I have absolute disdain for all Americans because a police state is only possible with a populace of despicable, auto-pay cunts.

You're Free To Go

I don't know why all my encounters with Homeland Security or the U.S. Police end up with them telling me I'm 'free to go'. Fucking arrogance is suffocating me. I pushed my luck all the way to the brink and exited Mexico within hours of my visa expiring.
It was an uphill climb the entire 2 years

 I didn't ever want to leave Chiapas but they would not let me stay with my van and I also felt I was not being as productive as I would like. This was a frustrating pattern I fell into during my 2 year journey through Latin America north of the Panama Canal; I wasn't as productive or mindful or focused as I wanted.
Outside Monterrey
Some petty distraction was always nagging me, some heartbreak or micro-aggression or punditry or vile bitter regret from Oggy's past pestered. I can't solve all the problems but I can smell a shit storm coming and I guess I want front row seats. Maybe I'll pitch in for the great American recovery or maybe I'll be exploited although I intend to do the exploiting for my own selfish plans. I don't make the big decisions but I'm back in America for now, free to go looking for work. Yipee..

2 hour crossing of El Rio Grande

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hatchet Rant

Really upsetting time that I decided to capture on video to shame myself when I am moderately secure in the future. The emotional strain of my childish behavior is plenty to keep me licking my wounds without repeated attacks on the mechanics of my survival.

I'm worn down to nothing chasing the dogs of regret through the fetid swamps of self-loathing yet this is not enough to amuse the Lord who manipulated my fate. Go ahead, laugh, enjoy my struggles...

Friday, September 23, 2016

Limping North

It looks like Mt. Doom in the background....
Exhausting. The insane political red tape that I have to deal with now is going to derail democrazy. I am surrounded, hounded, broken and bespoken. Tired and legless. Worn down.
...but this is what I have to go over next.
Can I just please go to Tangiers please?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Villa Phantasma

Oggy's Art shot

For the first time in about 6 years I had to take part of the chimney off the roof in order to fit in the 2 km long tunnel that leads to this village that seems to be an old Spanish silver mine that now offers boutique leather hats that happen to be Oggy's private fetish. A tan leather short brim sombrero can be seen here keeping the sun off Oggy's bald spot. I think my leather binge is officially over.
one clue...

Hidden town
I can not name the town for fear the Google masters will lead other internet users to a virtual visitation but the clues are all here if you care to decode them and find your way here. I will say that I might return one day but probably not in El Conquistador. The route is simply too arduous and I overheated the coolant again because the stock fan is pretty much worthless at low speeds. In fact, I am not sure the fan does anything because it is actually the wind from the velocity that cools the engine down more than the fan. At low speeds I tempt disaster and there is no way to reach this village at high speeds. In fact, it would be better to hike here or ride a mule.

I found it interesting that Ghost Town and Villa Phantasma are the same terms to describe an abandoned village.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Rough Road

This captures how well hidden the drainage trench was. Only a tractor could free me so a Mexican onion farmer helped pull El Conquistador out of the trench in the shadows of a volcano where Hernan Cortez walked.
This still angers and disappoints me that I would be hunting for a nonexistent short cut to the autopista, off road, knowing I had sworn never to do that again, and try to avoid a mud puddle and not walk out the route first and end up in a trench that threatened to derail everything. Really dumb decision like many I have made, and I fear may have cracked the axle weld.
differential buried in the asphalt, axle hanging, muffler mashed, ego tortured

As bad as my day was, it wasn't as bad as this Python's day.
There comes a time when a man is either going to wear snake skin boots or dismiss the idea for eternity. I found a pair that fit Oggy's arthritic toes and were not audacious and had a zipper and were 3/4 height and my day had come to either be the guy in snake skin boots or be the guy who never wore snake skin boots. I wore them out of the store and I gotta say they demand a certain attitude to wear in public.
an example of a toilet with no flush mechanism, and the bucket used to flush it. (I think I left my purple water bottle there in Leon after snapping this photo. We had some good times together and I wish it well.)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Viva Mexico!

Puente De Amor

Oggy dressed as Miguel Hidalgo and the museum devoted to Senor Hidalgo

Oggy trying to feed Bukowski's face some Guyaba Pulque

I think I finally got some of the dates straight... The Mexican Revolution started in 1810. Miguel Hidalgo was the leader of the revolution until he was executed. This was one of the few major political changes in Latin America that the United States didn't influence for evil. But it took another 10 years for the war to come to some conclusion. But the start of the revolution is celebrated on 16th of September which is complicating my life for reasons I will go into later, These are small details in the story of traveling with nonexistent plans...when I least expect or want it I will arrive in a town on the day of Independence Day.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Final Days in the highlands.

Yet another Spanish Courtyard, the guard called it a Placillo or Patio

The meek shall inherit the earth, so everyone should give me their money and land.

Zapatista dolls. One is Comandante Marcos

Friday, September 2, 2016

Soldering Skills

I tried
I did find a replacement electrolytic capacitor and soldered it onto the legs of the old one that blew up but this didn't work. The soldering job isn't the problem. I think the integrated circuit is also toast. I hooked it all back up and nothing happened except a little static came from the alarm speaker. This may be the end of my decade old alarm system. I put the new cap on both controllers and neither one worked so it's toast.

But in other projects I'm finishing before my escape from Mexico

Gourmet Coffee. (I put so much honey, condensed milk and chocolate in it that it barely qualifies as coffee)

Native Spirit and a new strap courtesy of a sheep and some local macrame artists. Gracias.
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