Monday, September 26, 2016

You're Free To Go

I don't know why all my encounters with Homeland Security or the U.S. Police end up with them telling me I'm 'free to go'. Fucking arrogance is suffocating me. I pushed my luck all the way to the brink and exited Mexico within hours of my visa expiring.
It was an uphill climb the entire 2 years

 I didn't ever want to leave Chiapas but they would not let me stay with my van and I also felt I was not being as productive as I would like. This was a frustrating pattern I fell into during my 2 year journey through Latin America north of the Panama Canal; I wasn't as productive or mindful or focused as I wanted.
Outside Monterrey
Some petty distraction was always nagging me, some heartbreak or micro-aggression or punditry or vile bitter regret from Oggy's past pestered. I can't solve all the problems but I can smell a shit storm coming and I guess I want front row seats. Maybe I'll pitch in for the great American recovery or maybe I'll be exploited although I intend to do the exploiting for my own selfish plans. I don't make the big decisions but I'm back in America for now, free to go looking for work. Yipee..

2 hour crossing of El Rio Grande
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