Thursday, June 11, 2015


Funniest thing in the world is making comments on the Craigslist Political forums.
the cast of characters is hilarious
I can't make up better names for some of these people. It's a melting pot of extremists. some are sincere, some are wasting time, some are handicapped, some aren't even living in that country, some are just stirring up shit. All of those would apply to me. What really made me laugh is that two people (or maybe one schizophrenic) are called Ayn_Rand and another is Atlas_Farted, which is a play on Atlas Shrugged, a book by Ayn Rand. And yet they meet in peace and anonymity here on the ultimate no-rules forum. Here, I can write something and immediately get a response. On my blog I have to insult someone's fundamental beliefs and then get a meek response. I know only Ukrainian porn sites and content pirates in Germany are visiting my blog but I thought after all these years I'd have an audience. I don't, but on the CL forum I have an audience and they are ruthless. Also, the thread gets buried immediately and forgotten. So it's like writing letters in the sand. Really, it is like getting mad at the computer when it deals you a shitty spread in Solitaire. "Come on! Not one King? All low Black cards? Bullshit!"

Ayn_Rand and Atlas_Farted. 

That is hilarious, but there are others.

There is Boycott_Arizona. (Gee, what asshole LibRat would boycott a state??)
And then there is maamajomboo,
And TexantheC. (wonder where he's from?)
There's one guy called Cons_R_Stupid.
How about: ProGunJonVanAmburg? (Wonder what he thinks about?)
and Allah_U_Akbar (translation: fuck all of you)

so funny. It's like going back to Junior High School except no teachers are around to make you erase your graffiti. Really juvenile and futile.

When I respond to Call_Me_Barn I call him Barney Rubble because he's "living in the stone age".
A couple of old school conservatives
And he calls me "Pubie" or Paco. Everyone insults everyone else so it's toxic, but the understanding that it is toxic makes it less toxic. Social media like this really is amusing but it's also without much merit. People just like to hear themselves express their opinion. There is no change. But at least it is a neutral atmosphere where true democracy decides the topic. There is no specific agenda but every person has a vigorously defended personal agenda. And that's life.

Like, how the hell can you politicize a software update? Easy...

That Windows 10 upgrade notification is fucking < itslate > 2015-06-11 18:27

annoying, proof Microsoft is ran by a bunch of libtards.

The topics run the range from gay marriage to war to celebrity gossip and it all gets polarized by political party. Truly, a bad topic will die and a good topic will spark debate briefly and then quickly die and be forgotten to the tombs of html innerspace. It still exists but no one responds. It's an accurate representation of democracy and an open forum but nothing gets accomplished. I'm thinking that my professors in college who had 'group projects' and encouraged 'cooperation' were trying to prevent my falling into this kind of useless pit of narcissism. And I failed them. These aren't activists; these are wanna-be pundits with an audience of 1. Getting the "last word" on internet forums probably means no one will read your last comment except you. It's an exercise in futility.

I mean, there's some kind of movie script in this cast of characters who wear their ethics on their sleeve with obvious anonymous handles.

Wolf Quest Part XII

Part 12 of the Wolf Quest. It's been a while since I wrote about this journey from Baja California to Ellesmere Island to raise awareness about the Arctic Wolf, whose habitat is being attacked by oil speculators. I've been sick from some food poisoning again. Awful. Swollen colon. Vomiting. I'm sure I have heart disease too. Maybe skin cancer. And hair loss. Arthritis of the ego. 40+ years on this planet feels about like my limit. I don't know how people can reach 50 with their pride intact but I know their prostates are swollen like rotting bags of fetid urine. I really don't. Earlier today I had tube of hot water shoved in my ass because the swollen colon was impacting all the pizza I've been eating. I mean, it's not polite conversation, and if that's what the future has for me then I think I'll pass. The plumbing on this old house is ruined.

But that's another topic.

The climate has been in the news. We have entered the monsoon season in Guatemala which involves flooding and mudslides and pale Oggy skin from lack of sun. But that's expected here. Other places are dry as dust. The desertification of North America will take a few hundred years but it's a guarantee. The world of Mad Max will definitely become a reality in New Mexico and Arizona. This can be seen 2 ways: 1) It's inevitable but people live, fuck, have kids, die, repeat, so does it really matter? Earth was never a Garden of Eden, so the degree of inhospitable climate is kind of irrelevant. It will always be Dog eat Dog. 2) Morally we have a responsibility to the future, blah blah, ethics, blah blah, Koch Brothers are evil, blah blah.

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