Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wolf Quest Part XII

Part 12 of the Wolf Quest. It's been a while since I wrote about this journey from Baja California to Ellesmere Island to raise awareness about the Arctic Wolf, whose habitat is being attacked by oil speculators. I've been sick from some food poisoning again. Awful. Swollen colon. Vomiting. I'm sure I have heart disease too. Maybe skin cancer. And hair loss. Arthritis of the ego. 40+ years on this planet feels about like my limit. I don't know how people can reach 50 with their pride intact but I know their prostates are swollen like rotting bags of fetid urine. I really don't. Earlier today I had tube of hot water shoved in my ass because the swollen colon was impacting all the pizza I've been eating. I mean, it's not polite conversation, and if that's what the future has for me then I think I'll pass. The plumbing on this old house is ruined.

But that's another topic.

The climate has been in the news. We have entered the monsoon season in Guatemala which involves flooding and mudslides and pale Oggy skin from lack of sun. But that's expected here. Other places are dry as dust. The desertification of North America will take a few hundred years but it's a guarantee. The world of Mad Max will definitely become a reality in New Mexico and Arizona. This can be seen 2 ways: 1) It's inevitable but people live, fuck, have kids, die, repeat, so does it really matter? Earth was never a Garden of Eden, so the degree of inhospitable climate is kind of irrelevant. It will always be Dog eat Dog. 2) Morally we have a responsibility to the future, blah blah, ethics, blah blah, Koch Brothers are evil, blah blah.

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