Sunday, February 16, 2014

Production Value

I am limping and my arthritic toes bleed at the end of the day but watching "Once Upon A Time in The West" makes all the pain go away. Because that once upon a time is here again with different shades of orange, dust storms, straw hats, grim quests of vengeance, redemption and suede jackets. Villains ride over the same dirt to meet their fate. I'm part of the determined bulging of humanity, straining toward paradise, the final station called home, twin steel rails leading home. I don't feel heroic but in 50 years I hope someone will make my life appear heroic.

Over The Sunset Mountains

Words and Music by John W. Peterson

The Statler Brothers do a good performance. If you want to hear the lyrics and maybe save your soul before judgement day.
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