Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Villa Phantasma

Oggy's Art shot

For the first time in about 6 years I had to take part of the chimney off the roof in order to fit in the 2 km long tunnel that leads to this village that seems to be an old Spanish silver mine that now offers boutique leather hats that happen to be Oggy's private fetish. A tan leather short brim sombrero can be seen here keeping the sun off Oggy's bald spot. I think my leather binge is officially over.
one clue...

Hidden town
I can not name the town for fear the Google masters will lead other internet users to a virtual visitation but the clues are all here if you care to decode them and find your way here. I will say that I might return one day but probably not in El Conquistador. The route is simply too arduous and I overheated the coolant again because the stock fan is pretty much worthless at low speeds. In fact, I am not sure the fan does anything because it is actually the wind from the velocity that cools the engine down more than the fan. At low speeds I tempt disaster and there is no way to reach this village at high speeds. In fact, it would be better to hike here or ride a mule.

I found it interesting that Ghost Town and Villa Phantasma are the same terms to describe an abandoned village.
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