Monday, June 11, 2012

Magic Bus

I don't get tattoos and up until now I've avoided turning the outside of my van into a canvas. I used to wear my beard long and sport torn overalls to prove that I didn't care what people thought of my non-commercial image. Now I still don't care but I don't care so completely that I would rather people just not look at me at all. In fact, I'd be perfectly content on a deserted island with my imaginary friends as company.

 Somewhere in Missouri a Walmart had caused an entire main street to surrender and put up signs saying "Going out of Business!" In fact, the stores only sold discounted and out of date crappy items that Walmart auctions off when a truck overturns or something. It was sort of tragic. One of the stores was selling opaque poor man's stained glass paint that makes normal glass looked like it's been baked with a tint. I never passed up a good deal on stained glass paint so I bought some colors and then practiced on Goodwill picture frames, making crosses and flags and cows and selling them at the gypsy market or trading them for leather goods and eggs. You know the drill.
Now I won't have to answer the question of what year my van is. But the safety inspectors will probably have an issue with paint on a side window. every time I look over my right shoulder I see backwards 1969 staring back at me and a blurry field of vision in blue and yellow. I cross my fingers that no one is hiding back there as I blast 60 mph down the interstate with a beer between my legs, fumbling for the volume to turn down Def Leppard.
Then the magic bus arrived and it was destiny that I watch the documentary Thrive. No, I'm not going to tell you it changed my life because it includes interviews with very powerful and assertive and well adjusted people all shaking their heads in despair saying that we are fucked. If Deepak Chopra thinks we're in trouble and must work to keep the noose in the closet then just image how the rest of us feel.
I have a minute to sum it up:
1. The world is dominated by elite families.
2. Only a non-violent solution will actually permanently change anything.
3. The Federal Reserve is like Girl Scouts selling you virtual cookies that they never deliver and then they eat them and charge you interest all while living in your basement. Banks loan out 900% more money than they actually have.
4. Energy can be free but Petro companies fight the technology.
5. UFOs are trying to teach us about free energy.
6. Green Screen FX can make anyone look legit.

It's mostly stuff I've already contemplated, namely that for a situation to get this fucked up it can't be accidental. This is not a failure of social activists, but a resounding success by elite puppet masters to manufacture consent and debilitate and misinform and weaken people. Rockefeller, Morgan, and Rothschild understand that Pharaohs do not claim land by right; they seize land by force or deception. Blah blah blah. Watch the movie. Don't let me spoil it for you or cause you to spill ice cream of you jiggling gullet. hahaha.

I'm still paralyzed by fear and guilt and shame and confusion. Foster Gamble is the heir to the Proctor and Gamble empire. He started a Think Tank that made the Manhattan Project look like a 3rd grade volcano diorama. So, he's no dummy and I always return to the same conclusion that if these guys are right then we're terribly fucked. But if they are wrong then I'm still fucked because I think they are right. See? If they are right we're puppets. And if they're totally wrong then I'm totally gullible. It's a fun house mirror and I'm either disgustingly fat and short, or I'm trapped in a circus fun house.
The big thinkers in this documentary don't totally address my fear. They want to stay positive and I don't blame them. Either they are right and there is a solution to free us from our bondage, or they are wrong and it's still a good idea to organize and think of the future. I guess me and Deepak won't be sitting at the same tables talking about free energy flow any time soon.

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