Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A day after I wrote about the evils of private property and the manifest masquerade of police enforcement of the law of sovereignty that Americans blatantly ignored when it worked in the favor of the Kickapoo or the Karankawan tribes...a constable in College Station, Texas served an eviction notice on a dude who might have felt the same way as I do, but this guy shot the constable dead and another civilian was killed and then the guy himself was shot dead. So I redacted those posts about private property because I am conflicted about their effect. What I really want is the constables to stop serving eviction notices. That would be a good sign. But when renters who get served eviction notices start shooting then really nothing is accomplished.

Of course the media want to pull out the tired spin that the gunman had "Mental Issues". Yeah, he didn't like getting fucked with by the constables and had limited options. If that's a mental issue then we're all guilty. Some of us can't live in vans in 110 degree heat or tolerate the bed bugs at the salvation army. So if the thieves of the Comanche/Mexican land start handing out eviction notices with bullets to back them up when it's 118 degrees outside then you are basically killing the person getting evicted so he might as well go down shooting. Is he going to move to Labrador? You can't be homeless in 118 degree weather in a city. So, you aren't evicting him as much as sentencing him to a slow death.

But he's mentally ill and that absolves the constables or the fuckwads in Austin of changing anything. Business as usual and the Constable and innocent person killed were collateral damage in the war on reason.

This isn't much of a disclaimer but it's all I've got.

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