Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fuck You BP

The Deepwater Horizon claims another victim. I could describe to you the 3 days I just spent with brown pudding coming out of my ass and shivering in the 95 degree heat and sweating poison from my brow as my penis shriveled to the size of an acorn and the vomit consisting of first, ramen noodles from a day ago and then mango from three days ago and then pure stomach acid and gatorade drink mix that I had drunk moments earlier.

I could provide links to hundreds of other victims of flu like symptoms (fuck I cant type because I've been poisonged by BP) bvut your won't follow them because the first thing on your minds is that this will be caused by his livingin the van. and I wonder what stained and shamed life of horror you must've grown up in for that to be your first initial accusation of a man shitting fluid in 30mph winds so that the colon goop actually flies up in a trail on his naked back in the gloomy moonlight? I've eseen loving loving people, they exist but I grew up on the doormat of shame-ville where contradiction and shame and blame are the condiments at every Thanksgiving.

 It wears on you the same way that love would probably uplift you. and it applies today because the past never dies and the habits of 1983 effortlessly expand to 2012 and my vomit and diarreah and shivering and sickness will somehow be my fault. That's not a healthy conclusion but it's the Bleacher legacy and to ignore 50 million barrels of oil being spilled and follwed with 2 million gallons of Corexit, a deadly oil disperssant that has known sideeffects (in addition to merely hiding the oil in droplets that are far worse than a simple spill. And that's what boggles my mind, that BP, an oil company undergoing hundreds of lawsuits, would plant ideas in your mind that I can not contradict...because I have some kind of ulterior motive? Take an example of a diver who worked for 2 weeks during the spill in 2010. He's now dying, in a wheelchair, going blind, can't breathe. Why would he sue BP and Nalcor? Have you met a commercial diver before? Those guys aren't big on frivolous lawsuits. Ah, I keep forgetting that if it is your nature to blame the victim then that is what you will always do. The facts never pertain the problem. The healthy hippie is living in a van and goes for a swim in the Gulf and is immediately stricken with a deadly illness that has bim nearly deaf, aching, misspelling words, sick as he has never been sick, crying in lonely despair, going deaf, vomiting, shivering, shitting hot pudding, desperately delusional and you'll blame it on his 1969 van. it's got nothing to do with pollution or chemical poisoning. In fact, the video that I made was in the very early stages of the illness and I would look back on that video and wonder when it was ever that good. I was lucid compared to the state I ended up in two days later actually stumbling to my knees to vomit in crab holes, too deathly ill and weak and diseased to even attempt another video.
Why? Because it's my fault. Someone your brain will want to accuse the hippie. No, it has nothing to do with oil or corexit or other pollution. No, it was the ramen noodles. OR maybe it was the sand in the cooking pot. SOmeone Oggy did something wrong and in a sense you are right and I will accuse myself in codependent effortlessness of my mental disease. I swam in the Gulf of Mexico. And that will be the last time I swimm in the gulf of mexico because it is poisoned and deadly and all that comes from that place is poisonous.

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