Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creepy Optura

A test video for my new camera using found footage on the tape that came with the camera. There was a minor scare with the aftermarket power adapter being 2 amp instead of OEM 1.5 amp* and possibly destroying the motherboard, but it was actually the tape falling apart and not playing because the head was dirty. Note to home techs: Don't use nail polish remover on mini dv camcorders. They require dry cleaning process that basically sands the dirt off the heads.

I really must be losing my mind if this makes me laugh. Speaking of things that make me laugh...Portlandia is a series that fits my quirk factor. Reminds me of Santa Cruz. Also, PBS had a good show about Phil Ochs. Poor man took his musical activism seriously (thought it would make a difference) and watched Nixon take a giant crap on America and then Phil hung himself. Woody Guthrie took himself seriously too but had the mind of a child. Being gravely serious is dangerous. I'm going to film myself editing the wolf video because it'll be a miracle if I finish it.

*Higher amps is fine. Unit will only draw 1.5 amp. The problem is using a .5 amp power supply with OEM 1.5 amp unit. Then the draw is higher than the maximum output...and I could break the internet.


Anonymous said...

Scary dude in the video - Wolfman, indeed. Looks sort of like a wolf - lean and hungry look. By the way, they found a hybrid wolf-dog roaming around Portsmouth - owner had not kept it restrained, now they may have to restrain the owner!!

Anonymous said...

You look like the Grinch who stole Christmas when they pan back from the Whos as they prepare to celebrate the holiday.

Oggy Bleacher said...

yeah, the new camera has a wireless remote that came from the dead arms of a Zimbabwan child who was living on Tantalum deposits.

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