Friday, January 27, 2012

Midwest Decay

 NO, a hurricane or tornado didn't blow through here recently. It's called neglect.

An old abandoned gas station gone the way of JJ Newberrys. Had jackalope antlers over the door. Closed forever.
Demolition and train tracks go together like Mud and water.
This air conditioner won't be doing anyone any good.
A black man in torn pants was stacking usable brick on a pallet. I think the romance of the bleak scene was not a high priority for him.
I think the Natural Gas refinery is further south so this is some kind of oil storage unit. Lonestar.*
That's literally a scrap metal yard... across the railroad tracks from the oil storage tanks... on the banks of the Mississippi River... near an abandoned gas station. The scene writes itself.
And then I find this incredible Cherry red Vette to throw my whole theory of urban decay into the trash.

* Actually, Lonestar is a natural gas operation.

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