Friday, January 27, 2012

I Bid The Project...You Do The Work

Here's a craigslist ad that I want to turn into a song..."I Bid the Project, You Do the Work..." it's a sign of the times that a person can say this with a straight face and then go on to have an attitude like he's doing me a favor by allowing me to work for him. I should lie to him and get hired and then show up drunk and stoned. Then he'll pass the buck and complain to the "investor" that he hired another craigslist junkie. Must be nice.
Good old fashioned workers? How about a good old fashioned cotton picking Uncle Tom to work fo yo Simon Legree motherfucker? "I bid the do the work." Classic.

"I am a small company that does rehabs for many investors. We do small jobs that range from ten thousand dollars to jobs that are seventy thousand dollars.
I need guys that are experienced, have their own tools. Can do the job. And i dont have to worry. Basically i bid the project. You do the work.
And if your good and get things done on schedule, i will have alot more work for the right people. I dont want the craigslist junky. That painted
their moms house or their own. I need some people with more knowledge than that. I dont want the craigslist junky bringing thier six pack of beer to work
and smoke pot all day. I just need some good old fashion workers. If you cant do this then dont bother to reply. Must have you own tools, ladders etc.
I supply the materials. Any questions "

I got a question...who died and made you such an asshole?

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