Friday, February 10, 2012

Boycott China

Has anyone seen the latest videos of Tibetan nuns and monks burning themselves? Of course not, since you were too busy watching Hog hunters and Murdoch pre-packaged sloppy second circus dogs dancing around a planet some fucking 4th graders found with his sponsored iPhone. But let me recap: The country that manufactures every fucking thing in the world because their people have been sold out by their corrupt government and their land was seized and all resourced depleted and rivers dammed and streams poisoned and they are incapable of living except as the pack mules/conveyor belt to some other country's decadent dildo fantasies and Martha Stewart DOG CLOTHING! That country, China, forcibly invaded Tibet way back before you were born, evicted the Buddhist spiritual leader (as part of some secret Buddhist ritual where you are justified in slaughtering farmers as long as you wear a red star on your cap) and have subsequently held the Tibetans under their thumb using funds from Apple and Nintendo and Martha Stewart to enable soldiers to oppress and silence the peaceful Tibetans while the Dali Lama tours the world with his smile and glasses talking to ignorant Americans about the plight of his people. This would all be solved if we ceased to buy Apple products and gave China the silent treatment...INSTEAD OF NUNS BURNING THEMSELVES. There is no justification for this. These Tibetans are breaking through the wall of silence erected by the Apple Slaves and reaching out to us. Go to junk stores and buy used equipment. Do not buy Chinese gadgets as it enables them to massacre the Tibetans. Every time you turn your iPhone on you burn a nun in Tibet. It's ironic that this video was probably taken with and viewed on Chinese slave products but that doesn't change the evidence. I'm opening an American slave factory to assemble iPods and sew dog clothing. Who wants to apply for a job?


Anonymous said...

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donzo said...

It's us, not Apple.

Oggy Bleacher said...

We both bear the responsibility and consequences of slavery and environmental neglect. It's an ideological warfare that Steve Jobs won with lies and white plastic while the Dali Lama ate lentil soup and Hannah Montana put glitter eye shadow on dogs wearing Martha Stewart sweaters.

Oggy Bleacher said...

"If they were told they might have to work up to 16 hours with no additional pay and agreed to that then who are we to cry foul. "

This comment typifies American ignorance and insularity and cultural narcissism. First of all it asks a question and doesn't use a question mark. Way to go!

Secondly, it tries to frame the debate in a simplified teenage perspective as though the whole thing boiled down to a pre-employment interview. It wouldn't have anything to do with the Chinese strategy of displacing farmers with dams, repressing rural activity and then funneling rural youth into the free trade section of China would it?. THE FUCKING CHINESE MILITARY MURDER ANYONE WHO SPEAKS OUT AGAINST THEM!!!!! YOU THINK THE FOXCONN EMPLOYERS ARE GIANTS OF TRUTH AND LIBERTY??? A culture of repression and slavery has been built since electronic trade was facilitated and we have enabled that slaughter. These devices are digital pyramids built by Chinese Pharaohs and we now look back at the real Pharaohs and the Jewish slaves who toiled to build the stone pyramids and make all kinds of excuses to sooth our Ben & Jerry consciences like the Jews weren't slaves and were paid or...MAYBE THEY WERE TOLD UP FRONT THAT THEY WOULD WORK UNDER THE WHIP UNTIL THEY DIED AND WHO ARE WE TO CRY FOUL?

Basically, the answer is this: WE CRY FOUL WHEN THERE IS SOMETHING FOUL GOING ON. WHEN KIDS ARE GETTING RAPED IN A SHOWER ROOM YOU GO GET AN ALUMINUM BAT AND KILL THE RAPIST> YOU DON'T ASSUME IT'S CONSENSUAL OR TREAT IT LIKE SHOPLIFTING. Instead of finding an excuse to remain on your ass and watch Hog Hunters maybe use some common sense and investigate an obviously fucked situation that you are entwined in.

Thirdly, the endemic poisoning of rivers with the mercury tainted blood of the many FOXCONN worker suicides IS KILLING ALL THE FISH IN THE SEA AND THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE COST OF A CAMCORDER OR DOG SWEATER!!!NO MATTER WHAT GLENN BECK SAYS, THIS IS TRUE.

I swear when physics eclipsed philosophy in education a permanent eclipse passed over the heart of man.

A memorial haiku written with tears on my bloody slave-made keyboard:

The Kickapoo died
with no flip phone to record
their happy lacking

Rosi said...

First of all, Please stop bringing the Jews into it. They may have had it hard, but they certainly have blood on their hands, deep, deep dark red stained hands, under their fingernails blood.
Second, I don't see a way to avoid it and I don't think you do either and that is what makes you madder still. If you embrace it and say fuck it at least we are driving the economy, right? Build solar panels, wind generators etc., to harness the energy that is "renewable" except the pieces to make those things are made from fossil fuels and made by slave labor in china. I can't think of anything truly solely "made in the USA" exclusively. there is some dirty secret down in the middle that is made in asia, you can't get away from it, like your african ancestry.
You still burn it everyday. Those tools you are finding that make your life easier to complete the things on your "list" were made in Asia. I doubt you would be willing to spend the dough to buy the American Made tools....

Anonymous said...

Yeah It's China's fault not Apple or America. Why aren't we concerned with children being shot while they play outside, by a sniper bullet in Syria? We have to be cranky about the overworked chinese?

Oggy Bleacher said...

I don't buy these arguments, Rozzy. A better way has been blazed by Sergeant Shriver and Wilfred Grenfell and others. I do not accept the status quo because facebook morality runs rampant through digital vascular synapses and suggests the status quo is acceptable. This supports my whole argument that when Rupert Murdoch feeds news and morality to the people then the people will believe the morality of that which they are fed. It's circular logic and all the evidence I've seen is of Man's susceptibility to massively flawed mass propaganda campaigns. We have been guilty of this in the past and I believe we are guilty of this in the present. I do not want to participate in this ecological holocaust.
The arguments you pose are terribly flawed: To wit:
A) Because I am a hypocrite my argument is not valid.
My hypocrisy does not have anything to do with the validity of my argument. It merely exposes your group-think tendencies.

B) Everybody's doing it so who cares?
Cowardly Lion sayeth, "I'm scared to attack the Wicked Witch."

C) Our inability via blog comments to immediately solve the problem of a global ecological holocaust does not necessarily mean we can't solve the problem. If we go to our early graves unable to solve the problem then that also means nothing. Let's work the problem and not curse the difficulty of it.

C) Buy everything used at pawn stores and re-manufacture/repair everything. Yes, I buy a used camcorder. My wages stay here. I'm not trading with the Chinese. If you buy new electronics then you trade with the nun-burning Chinese murderers. I refrain from this defacto holocaust. That's not being "cranky" that's called being compassionate and I'm sure it's a huge burden on all of us. (cue laughtrack)

D) Injustice for one is injustice for all.

Oggy Bleacher said...

it's possible to show concern for both Syrian children and Tibetan nuns.
Think of it like following two television series at once. Changing the channels doesn't mean you immediately disregard the first series.
MONKS ARE BURNING THEMSELVES and the trail of gasoline winds back to everyone who trades with the Chinese. So don't blame the monk for lightning the match. I'm not mad because this is hard to avoid because it's easy to avoid. In fact, we go out of our way to buy crap from China while Monks are clubbed by iPod slaves.
China is the new deep south and we're all addicted to cotton snotrags.

Rosi said...

First I don't post Anonymously. Don't attribute someone else sniveling to me.
Second, you aren't doing anything. thirdly, There will be revolution, It all depends on what stance you take whether you are getting in on it. I told you "we will have all this back, just be patient." I believe that.
I think some believe we have started the uprising.
I am not curing the difficulty, I am telling you that you ain't gonna change the minds of your current neighbors. They can't see it. they won't see it. And they love Rush Limbaugh. they love his codeine fueled rants.
Protect yourself, Protect your family. Cause it is gonna get more dangerous out there.

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