Thursday, February 9, 2012


I've always been curious about Rainbow people and I read this rideshare ad:

"im a 28 yro female need a ride to ocala regional rainbow ocala national forest in florida...... i have 3 dogs... i have a mom dog with 1 12 week old puppy and a rat terrier... so 2 small and 1 medium sized dog.... under 60 lbs.... i travel with 1 or 2 backpacks.... able to help with gas.... i fly signs and spange..... willing to gas jug as well if needed... wanting to go as soon as possible.... need to get to the rainbow gathering but more importantly my ol man gets out of jail january 24th.... i need to be there!!!... lovin you family......"

"Gas jug" has become a verb in this context and it means walking around with a gas jug until you get someone to fill it or give you change. I never did this but I did pull up to a gas station in Portsmouth driving my unregistered Grand Marquis as though I were rich and a lady asked me to put gas in her car. It was near Christmas so I gave her half a tank. She was going to Dover and had three kids in the backseat. The cold wind blew over the hood on Islington. She thanked me and drove off.
I don't know what "Fly signs" means. Maybe holding those "Need help" cardboard signs at intersections. Everyone needs something. I interviewed for a job at a high tech company inspecting PCB boards and routing out plastic boxes but I'm also looking for ride shares to Vera Cruz. Maybe I'll take the rainbow child to Ocala and spange my way to fortune.


rosi said...

I just don't see you as a Rainbower. I did have one friend that swore by the family. he scared me in a cultish sort of way. he had that way of looking into your eyes that either said, I know what is happenning in your head or I have taken way to much LSD and I can't focus my eyes anymore.

Oggy Bleacher said...

I agree that unless there are some Rainbow family people out there that are into Pink Floyd and boycotting the Chinese then it's not a good fit. But I can study them.

hobo soup said...

I love spange - spare change? Spare change?
It would be interesting to go homeless with a woman because people seem more generous when they see anwoman in a bad situation. You'd probably be raking in two to three thousand a day.

Brandon Adawi said...

I had a friend who lived in a van with two dogs for six months. I don't know if taking on the responsibility of two dogs is contrary to living life out of a van but being a person who doesn't want pets, I wouldn't do it. I would either have no responsibility or all responsibility.
I had a hippie friend like the ride share girl. She was always asking me to take her to festivals far away. I thought she was a nice person but that she could have had everything she wanted by getting a job.

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