Monday, June 18, 2012

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 I'm making a belt buckle with only Jarritos bottle caps so I guess you'd call this research or getting material.

Someone crazier than me. Yeah, Texas is gonna make pot illegal and let all their free field workers out? Ha!
Bongo injury
I'm dangerously close to driving to Vera Cruz. I hate cities so much! God how do people live in cities? The mayhem and crime and bicycles trying to fight cars. What gets me is the lack of intention. It's all default living. No one can explain anything except as an economic stimulus. How fucked up are we that stocks are the only driving force to any social event? It's exhausting to live in a city with a place that tries to teach kids about trees. "This is a salamander. it can swim and walk." Really? Are we that out of touch? It's 118 degrees here!

I'll write out the following tale just in case I'm arrested in the near future. I was giving my worker buddy a ride to the springs. He wanted to pick his girlfriend up. So we go save her from a dying prostate cancer narco addict and really what follows is a chaotic adventure that exposed my need for sober friends. But the point of the story is that the girl had been living in the woods and had bug bites and poison ivy rashes on her legs and had scratched them until they bled...and they bled on my bed which was the only place she could sit because at one point I had seven drunk or stoned or tripping street urchin/drag rats/gutter punks in the van in the most insane rumbling and dangerous crew in the history of my van with one kid trying to get my moped started while I was driving 60mph down the highway! Madness. Total madness and this girl picked and picked at her sores until they bled on my comforter cover. So you see where this is going? I drop them all off and one is smoking Scooby Snax potpourri, all the rage among the soon to be dead. Scooby Says: Don't Smoke Potpourri, Kids!

But this blood on my sheets of course I only notice after the girl goes missing and someone at the hotel where I dropped them off identifies my van as the vehicle that sped away with fumes and sparks. So, in an instant I could see where all those "I'm innocent! I didn't do it" guys who rot for 12 years in jail are thinking because all the DNA tests in the world will confirm that this blood is from that girl and I was last seen with her etc. etc. as the police haul me away....

Now, that last part I made up. The girl didn't actually disappear but as I was vigorously cleaning the blood off my comforter cover I realized how bad it all looked. I could not quickly explain why this girl, who easily could meet a violent end SINCE SHE'S HANGING OUT WITH PEOPLE WHO SMOKE POTPOURRI, has left her blood in my suspicious van in a state with the most wrongful convictions in the country. This is exactly the kind of scenario that leads to Oggy going to prison for 12 years for something he had no part in. But it's my fault for acting as taxi to homeless people. The van is now off limits to any bath salt smoking motherfucker. I really can't understand how people aren't outraged enough to get off their asses and stop watching television and actively work to improve things. Really, it has to get worse? We haven't had enough yet? Mexico is ruled by narcotrafficers! How is there not a huge bounty on any drug dealer's head? Texas is armed to the teeth but the street still belongs to the junkies. Why? Due Process really doesn't work. I'm sorry. It reads nice on paper but it ain't getting the job done. God, I'm finished here.


Anonymous said...

NO shit, Don't smoke potpourri, bath salts, sudafed, peanut husks, nutmeg, banana peels, crack, herion etc.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Lots and lots of self medication on the streets. Brutal dependencies that lead to crime and misery for all. Huffing piss and shit, glue, gasoline, starting fluid. People are out of their minds, yo.

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