Monday, August 20, 2012

Heat Index

If you're wondering what people leave behind in storage lockers, take a good look. Fringe Jersey shirt by WINGS of Los Angeles circa 1991. I really thought about selling it on Ebay but delivered it along with the spiders to Goodwill.

Since Al is going to ask, that ball hitch extension was used as a sledge hammer to loosen bolts.
If you want to learn transmissions, go behind any abandoned garage and this is what you will find. Oggy with his tool set taking apart some kind of light duty auto transmission. I am looking for a C4 tranny that will let me see what a Governor looks like and how to service it before I take mine apart.
That red gear spins the white gear below it. It's not a governor, it's the speedometer with the output shaft to the left. Behind the red gear is another gear that spins another gear that is attached to a servo unit shaft on the right side that I think is actually the governor or something similar. When the drive shaft speed decreases these wing units on the governor start falling and this shaft is pushed into another shaft and that shuts off valves that in turn decrease fluid pressure in the valve body which in turn force the transmission into another gear. That's not happening on my van so it's an adventure every time I go anywhere. But I can already tell this transmission is useless as a reference point to my own. I need a C4 transmission. A Bronco or an Econoline or a Mustang. Unfortunately, people don't abandon those behind garages.

92 degrees and 70% humidity is only 112. With a breeze, I hardly noticed it.
I bought a thermometer and hygrometer for the van so I could have something to talk about on slow news days. The equation for heat index is some combination of temp. and humidity but all the sites just have you put in the numbers. My van has been over 130 degrees at times when it's 98 and the humidity is 70 percent. Real comfortable conditions to sleep. I dream of ice cream melting into my ears and awake with leg cramps.Heat Index temperature chart


Anonymous said...

I would have asked about the trailer hitch, but since you answered that question, I want to make sure you aren't using your torque wrench to REMOVE bolts. That totally fucks the calibration.

Oggy Bleacher said...

That torque wrench is no longer for torquing. It fell apart somewhere along the line so the calibration is already off. It was junk and untrustworthy to begin with which is why someone gave it to me in 2008. My good torque wrench is not pictured.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Correction: My good torque wrench is in the picture and I was using it to remove bolts because it was the only 1/2 drive that I had and the only 14mm socket I could find was 1/2 inch. The calibration is off but on a 1969 Ford it doesn't matter.

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