Saturday, September 14, 2013

High Risk Investment Houses or Brain Eating Amoebas

The difference between Al Jazeera and CNN is like the difference between Debbie Reynolds and Miley Cyrus; one is a thoughtful beauty and the other is a trashy skank, but they both sing and dance.

Al Jazeera has an agenda as was evident when the 9/11 story was "The Other 9/11: Chile's Junta" an article about the continued healing after the Sept 11th 1973 overthrow and killing of Salvador Allende by Pinochet's military which was supported by that beacon of Quaker peace known as Richard Nixon. Thousands were killed, vanished, tortured or exiled to support Nixon's megalomaniac agenda. Nixon makes Assad look like Gandhi. Al Jazeera does make a case for the lasting problems still experienced and the lasting injuries like those suffered by Alejandro Zuleta who was damned by his conscience to be a student and political activist at a time when Emperor Nixon thought he ruled the world:

"Lieutenant Rivera would crush all my fingers, on both hands, with a metal ruler while sitting in his admiral's desk. Because I, the prisoner of his war, did not provide the answers he wanted to hear, or the way he wanted to hear them."

I found that particular torture interesting because the twisted Nixon could play the piano and Zuleta's hands were forever disabled. There would be no piano playing in his future. I don't think people harbor resentments because they want to punish themselves but rather because they want to keep the memory fresh so they can immediately pounce on anything that resembles their bloody experiences.

Speaking of memories, Al Jazeera published an article about the high risk investment houses being up to their old tricks. CNN, for contrast, spread fear and uncertainty with a loud story on brain eating amoebas that have killed about as many people as rabid raccoons. The obvious message is that CNN is part of the agenda to misinform, lull the reader into a dull coma of unwarranted fear, and ignore the real rampaging elephant. Their omission says, "Don't worry about these brokers, the worst is over," to a brain dead public. It's not a mistake that the investors are running wild again because when they were illegally bailed out by their wealthy kin part of the undisclosed promise was a continuation of their agenda to fix the market in favor of those who already have wealth. You enable a junkie with more heroin and then are surprised they shoot up? In this case the dumb public gets fucked again, looking left at a convenient distraction in Syria they have their wallets picked from the right. It's not an accident. This is a planned con game, brilliant and executed with malevolent disregard for humanity, counting on the continued apathy of Ameri-cants. The money is needed to pay lobbyists to manipulate the crooked Capitol...grey and withering good old boys keep their jobs and keep their metal rulers on the fingers of the masses.

My only complaint is that Al Jazeera America is a diluted version of the English version of the Al Jazeera news site. The editors don't merely take U.S. related articles from the Al Jazeera site and republish them to the Al Jazeera America site. No, the articles are rewritten to slightly understate the obvious venom behind every word. The disdain these writers have for America is really troubling, but it's actually less disdain than the editors of CNN have for the same people. I can almost hear the CNN editors laughing every time they publish a "Kitten Nabs Rapist" story. I've said it before that people don't get dumb by accident. It takes work.

For example, if you don't care about the NSA recording that you visited Al Jazeera and penciling you in for a future appointment with a metal ruler then you can visit the true English Al Jazeera site...where you'll learn Al-Qaeda is also up to its old tricks. It's hard to believe that killing Osama Bin Laden didn't demoralize them so they all became monks or goat herders, but they have been been urged to attack U.S. targets again by Ayman What's-His-Face. On the same day, CNN decided that female fashion models who become "entrepreneurs" is news equally important to the American public. It's not like there's much we can do about maniacs with pressure cookers but a skinny make-up prop's accessory business venture is even less interesting. I would compare what FOX has on its front page but I've programmed my computer to block all FOX sites.

I wanted my blog to be an alternative news source, a vetting of broken morals as published by the media moguls of the world. Also, subversive entertainment as I know I can produce. Of course it became a narcissistic public masturbation of my mental inadequacies but if I'm not making news then I'm not participating. Because I'm brain damaged from LSD abuse I have to constantly remind myself of the truth or else I become another victim in CNN's campaign of ignorance.

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