Monday, April 1, 2013

Homeless Gypsies won't have this problem

no more piano for Oggy
I'm typing this with one hand after a slight mishap at the oil refinery

It's highly dangerous and a bit unpredictable. I'm really pondering my decision because messing with mopeds and playing piano for the old folks across the street didn't pay very good but one moment of dreamy illusion I lapsed into and danced an imaginary slow waltz with an Aztec beauty and in that moment I stepped on a grounded strip of metal while holding a live wire...and that dream became a lightning bolt of electricity in my deep fried brain...

I guess it's an April fool's joke in bad taste. I don't hear anyone laughing and really I'm not laughing either. especially since the picture wasn't something I randomly took from the internet but was part of my safety training for the job I applied to because for 60 hours a week this injury is what I'm risking. maybe being a bad kindergarten teacher is better than being a bad electrician. I'm only fucking up your kids rather than losing my arm. ...
that wasn't funny either. I guess I don't have any humor today.
sorry. i tried.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, you bastard!! All I told Els was that I had pissed the bed during the night - that was bad enough! Glad it was a joke - although I almost threw up!

Oggy Bleacher said...

3 phase 480V arcing through your flesh. the surface of the sun is 9000F. An electrical arc can reach 35,000F. We can survive 10mA of current and the risk is 1500 mA - "Tissue and Organs start to burn"
It's a long way from building 9v guitar effects pedals.

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