Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bright Side of The Road

Classic coordination of universal memes. My buddy Cow Milk Blues whom I've mentioned in previous posts helped me with the transmission and I finally got that thing running again, a full overhaul of a C4 cruise-o-matic transmission in 5 days, and we go back to drink some beers and talk about ex-wives and I ask him if he's on the internet and he has no idea what I'm talking about, spent his whole life looking for exposure and he's not on the internet. And I casually say, why don't we make a video.
"Right now?"
"Well, it's complicated, but if you sing your heart out then I'll do the rest."
And I'm doing this because I want to play music and Cow Milk Blues is a Renaissance Man like me and he deserves good things.
And I've never played the song he picks but it is perfect for the fact my van has had the transmission in my fingers and is now rolling through Uvalde like a wide-assed Mexican woman. This is the year Oggy surrendered in his war with the world and the other side of the street is fake and poisoned with processed food but it's bright like a diamond in the teeth of a lost lover.

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