Sunday, April 14, 2013


Salvation comes in the form of bulletproof vests
warrant check on hobos
drinking in park
less than 24 hours after making my shoe sheath
a lieutenant pulls the knife out
Or maybe I'm too drunk to notice
And keeps it safe
While warrants are cross referenced
"Bleacher, Oggy. State of Fuckwad...Warrants?"

And this is how it should be...with
Electricians who have lost their hands in bar fights
and bull riders on toothless bicycles
April becomes the cruelest month
The month of Oggy's demise
The sad end to his affairs
Struggling for guitars and fingers in a Pina Jarritos flavor
Of the month.
Public Intoxication.
Open Container.
Unregistered Moped.
Yankee in a strange republic.
"He's a concert pianist,"
Says Cow Milk pointing at Oggy.
Attitudes and dark glasses.
My Chinese Timber Wolf knife taken by police.
But they left me my shoe sheath
"It looks like an old boxing glove,"
Says the Lieutenant.
And Oggy has a chance to go down in a blaze of glory
Make front page news for two seconds.
But he's a Coward and says, "It was a shoe."

Destiny chosen in dizzy sadness.
"I'd rather shit myself," said Cow Milk Blues
in reference to the public park bathroom where Oggy once
Showered before the gay man drove him in his van to the new apartment.
Then the Lieutenant arrived.
"I thought we could drink here," says Cow Milk.
Oggy trying to hide the beer in his sock
Giggling as the stray dog barked, blind in one eye, confused
But more honorable than Oggy and Cow Milk Blues

It's the 8.1 Proof that makes life bearable.
That dulls the memory.
That makes poets of gutter rats.
That makes lovers of toothless retards.
And Oggy, "I don't want no Trouble,." Bleacher
He slinks home on ragged moped.
Hides his head in sand.
Dreams of summer time long ago
with shampoo in his blue eyed lover's hair
unspoiled and innocent.

Those promises were made for selfish reasons
Carmen's fickle moods were Oggy's delirium.
Cow Milk wants to make a documentary about New Orleans
Crack Whores.
Cow Milk says, "If I could only find someone willing to take a camera and follow me
Into the dungeons...but no one is like that, everyone wants money, everyone is a
fickle coward. But I know it's a real story that should be told. This Girl, she
Sucked two Mexican cocks for a can of tuna fish. So we could
Isn't that a story that people should know about?"

Oggy stares straight ahead and grins like a bad man blowing up his whole life.
"When do you want to start?"

Outside a family is cooking meat on a grill
roosters guard their hens
the cops patrol Flores Street.
Dreaming of their bed.

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